PHP scripting in e-Campaign Bulk Email Software

In e-Campaign Version 14, you can use PHP scripts in the email body or subject to dynamically customize the text. PHP is a popular scripting language for web development. e-Campaign 14 can now run PHP scripts to generate text on the fly.

PHP scripting in e-Campaign

  • Each PHP code snippet is enclosed inside <? and ?>
  • You can use multiple PHP code snippets in the email subject/body
  • The PHP code is executed for each recipient right before e-Campaign sends the message.
  • The code snippets will be replaced with the text generated by the PHP code. The recipient will only see the results produced by the PHP code, but not the PHP code itself.


Check the PHP code to ensure it works.

Before sending the email, we suggest you preview the mailing job to ensure that everything (including the PHP code) works as expected.

Select the mailing job in question, and click menu "Mailing -> Mail Merge Preview".




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